Dead Poets Live

Stevie Smith


Sunday 24 September 2017

7:00 PM–9:00 PM GMT

Print Room at the Coronet
103 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LB

Photos of the event


Poems read

‘Do Take Muriel Out’
from ‘Papa Love Baby’
‘A House of Mercy’
‘Emily Writes Such A Good Letter’
‘O Happy Dogs of England’
‘Deeply Morbid’
‘To the Tune of the Coventry Carol’
‘I Remember’
from ‘How Do You See?’
‘The Airy Christ’
‘Voice From The Tomb’
‘Our Bog Is Dood’
‘The Frog Prince’
‘Tender Only To One’
‘Black March’
‘Tom Snooks The Pundit’
‘Not Waving But Drowning’
‘God the Eater’
‘Oh Grateful Colours, Bright Looks!’
‘Come Death (ii)’
‘Away Melancholy’

Reading list

The Collected Poems and Drawings of Stevie Smith, ed. Will May (London, 2015)
Stevie Smith: A Selection, ed. Hermione Lee (London, 1983)
Me Again: The Uncollected Writings of Stevie Smith (London, 1983)
Novel on Yellow Paper (London, 1980)

Frances Spalding, Stevie Smith: A Critical Biography (London, 1990)

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Photo Credits

Banner images and photographs of the event © Tara Rowse

Glenda Jackson © Andrew Crowley