Dead Poets Live

Frost and Thomas


Monday 24 April 2017

7:30–10:00 PM

Print Room at the Coronet
103 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3LB

Photos of the event


Poems read

Robert Frost

by permission of Henry Holt and the Estate of Robert Frost.

All rights reserved.

‘Rose Pogonias’
‘Mending Wall’
‘Home Burial’
‘The Road Not Taken’
‘Out, Out –’
‘Iris by Night’

Edward Thomas

‘The Owl’
‘As the team’s head-brass’
‘The sun used to shine’
Prose from The Heart of England

Reading list

The Poetry of Robert Frost, ed. Edward Connery Lathem (2002)
Edward Thomas, poems selected by Matthew Hollis (2016)
Elected Friends: Edward Thomas and Robert Frost to One Another, ed.
Spencer (2004)
Matthew Hollis, Now All Roads Lead to France: The Last Years of Edward Thomas (2012)

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Photo Credits

Banner images and photographs of the event © Tara Rowse